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Here at The Bearded Gent, we’re perfectionists. We like every detail to be just right, from the perfect balance of fragrances in our signature beard oils, to the silky smooth action on our slide-top tins. That’s right, we even care about the sliders! An immaculately-kept beard needs tried and tested beard care products, and that’s exactly what we deliver. We work tirelessly to ensure that each of our legendary beard oil blends is not only great-smelling, but effective, innovative and long-lasting too. Whether you’re a part-time mane manager, or a fully-fledged pogonophile, we’ve got the products and the accessories to suit you. Not keen on one of our scents? Got an idea for a new one? GET IN TOUCH! We’re a community as much as we are a company, so take to our myriad of social media outlets and get your voice heard!

‘They say clothes maketh the man…obviously that man was clean-shaven.’
The Bearded Gent